Personal Blog

Blog UA

Dive into the depths of web development, a personal journey through code, design, and innovation. My digital diary of tech explorations awaits you.

Medium Blog

Medium EN

Join me on Medium for a professional take on the latest in web tech, coding trends, and insights from the tech world.

Photo Blog

Photo Blog

A visual diary of moments captured through my lens.
You can find here full-size beautiful photos. All of them under Creative Commons License


AI Novel

AI Novel EN

My experiments with ChatGPT have reached the point where I am now thinking about looking for a place to publish the novella we wrote together.

jQuery for beginners

jQuery for beginners RU

I wrote the tutorial “jQuery for beginners” to help Ukrainian students to master the widely used jQuery library

Bluz PHP framework

Bluz Framework

Bluz, a lightweight PHP Framework
Easy to set up, easy to use


Online charts builder

Charts Builder

Service for work with Google Charts API
The Google Chart API lets you dynamically generate charts.

Syntax Highlighter

Syntax Highlighter

Generate embedded code for your blog or community (like Habr)
Service based on GeSHi library


Analyser tool

  • For Products - photo, reviews, etc.
  • For Person - try to find person's public profiles
Mining CPU Benchmark

Mining CPU Benchmark

Benchmark your browser and CPU with blockchain mining


jQuery Slideshow

(a) SlideShow jQuery Plugin

This plugin allows you to create dynamic, controllable slideshows or presentations for your website

jQuery iPhone UI

jQuery iPhone UI

Library for emulate iPhone user interface

Gestures navigation

Gestures navigation

JavaScript Library implements Mouse Gestures

jQuery-PHP Library

jQuery PHP

PHP Library for work with jQuery framework
Please, don't use it for production ;)

Yandex XML

Yandex XML

Open Source PHP Library for work with Yandex XML service

Picasa Photogallery

Picasa Photogallery

Picasa photo gallery gadget for your Google page. Based on Mootools library and SmoothGallery plugin